Ombudsman Program

Need help in resolving a dispute with a REALTOR®?

The Illinois Association of REALTORS® (IAR) has created an Ombudsman Program to try and resolve questions relating to real estate transactions.

While this service is not set up to offer legal advice, it does provide an opportunity for the association to help answer basic questions and work to resolve some complaints consumers and members might have.

The service is one more example of the importance REALTORS® place on handling real estate transactions with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

Q & A's About the Program

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The program serves as an intermediary in disputes or questions that relate to real estate transactions. The service, which is free to consumers and REALTORS®, allows IAR to tap the expertise of experienced real estate professionals who are trained in problem solving. These professionals, called ombudsmen, can provide guidance on what steps to take, suggest resources for additional help and in some cases can act as an intermediary in resolving basic problems.

Anyone who has a real estate question or problem relating to a transaction involving a REALTOR®. Illinois REALTORS® who have disputes with other association members are welcome to use this service.

No. But IAR’s ombudsmen can provide resources and answer basic questions. In some cases, the association’s ombudsmen may be able to contact the other agent and work out a problem without having to go through a more formal complaint process.

IAR has found many disputes are easy to resolve and don’t require a formal hearing process. Since a formal hearing process can be lengthy, the Ombudsman Program may be able to offer speedier resolution to some disputes.

IAR has selected individuals who are well established as real estate experts with a commitment to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, and who understand the role communication plays in making any real estate transaction work. Ombudsmen undertake additional training to serve in this important role.

IAR will usually review the request the day it is received and refer it, if necessary, to an ombudsman. An ombudsman will typically contact you within one business day. He or she will make at least three attempts to contact you regarding the submitted question. Every case is different, but the program’s stated purpose is to quickly resolve issues.

In order to best serve you, you will need to complete the online form at Be prepared to share the name(s) of the REALTOR® involved, key dates, the property’s address and your telephone number and email address.