Sentrilock FAQs

Yes, you are able to renew over the phone 3 times a month. For SentriCard® renewals over the phone:

  • Have your SentriCard®, PIN, and a Lockbox ready
  • Call SentriLock: 513-618-5800
  • Press 2 for the automated phone system
  • Follow along with the prompts

There are several options for getting help:

  • You can reach SentriLock Technical Support for live support between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight (ET) by calling 513-618-5800
  • A 24 hour automated support line is available to retrieve a code to renew your SentriCard® or to retrieve a One Day Code for a Lockbox.
  • Email:
  • REALTOR® Lockbox Website:’ll need your SentriLock ID and Password to login.) A live chat option is available from this website.

To replace the battery in an NXT/NXT Wireless (blue) or a Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox (gray), you will need:

  • 2 lithium type Panasonic CR123A/CR17345 batteries. Contact your Association/Board to obtain batteries for your lockbox
  • A Phillips -head screwdriver to remove the battery cover screws
  • Note: Do not remove old batteries from a lockbox until you have a replacement in hand. Also, do not carry unpackaged batteries in your pocket or purse as metal objects could cause a short circuit and thereby cause bodily harm or property damage.

How to Replace the Battery

  • Use SentriSmart™ or your SentriCard® to open the lockbox key compartment.
  • Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the battery cover screws.
  • Flip the battery cover open and reveal the two batteries.
  • Remove the two Panasonic CR123A batteries with a screwdriver (or a finger).
  • Using two, new Panasonic CR123A batteries, install each battery into their battery cavity with the negative terminal going in first. The terminals are staggered, so the batteries will be facing opposite directions. Refer to the battery cover for proper battery terminal positions.
  • Note: Incorrect installation of the lockbox batteries may result in damage to the product or property. This could also result in serious injury and void the lockbox warranty.

Once you change your battery, do not forget to update the battery change date:

  • Log into the REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site and click on “My Lockboxes” page.
  • Search for the lockbox serial number and click on it.
  • On the Edit Lockbox page, you can find the Last Battery Replacement field in the System Information Update the Last Battery Replacement field with the most accurate date.
  • Save your changes after updating this information.
  • Note: The lockboxes have a memory backup circuit that will retain the lockbox settings and timekeeping system during a battery replacement. The memory backup circuit will only operate for a few minutes after the batteries have been removed from the lockbox. It is recommended to update the lockbox clock after every battery replacement.

If you look on the back of your SentriCard®, you will find an explanation of the lockbox status lights. From the back of your SentriCard®, you can also find an explanation of the three most basic functions you will perform with your lockbox as well as the steps to do so. 

Call SentriLock Support (877-736-8745) with your SentriCard and a reader available to troubleshoot the card. If it is defective, call the board office and order a new card. Cost is $6.00

Call or go to the board office immediately and report the loss. Your lost/stolen SentriCard will be inactivated and a new card will be made for you. Cost is $6.00.

The Designated REALTOR/Managing Broker must make the request for more lockboxes. The board office cannot give out more lockboxes until a lockbox report is run. If there are several unassigned lockboxes on the SentriLock Lockbox Report, we cannot transfer any lockboxes to the office and an audit is started. Once the audit is complete and all lockboxes are accounted for, lockboxes MAY be transferred to the Designated REALTOR of the office depending on availability.

Renew the Designated REALTOR’s SentriCard and insert it in the lockbox until noises stop. You must renew the SentriCard again to upload the transfer into the program.

 Several reasons:

·         The transfer placed by the board office expired. The transfer must be completed within 3 days. Call the board office to place another transfer on the box

·         The lockbox clock may need to be set. Place the Designated REALTOR’s SentriCard in a reader. From the main menu click on “Set Lockbox Clock. In the pop-up box, search for the lockbox and choose the time you will be at the lockbox to insert your card. 3 quick chirps indicate that the clock has been set. Try the transfer again

·         The lockbox may be defective. Call SentriLock and troubleshoot with support.

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