Billing FAQs

You must go to the EBOR Portal ( to pay your dues, fees or any other bill.   Once logged in any unpaid orders will be found under the “My Orders” tab located on the top right of your screen. 

You can check the EBOR WEB Portal ( to see if you have already paid your dues/fees. After logging in, click on the “My Orders” tab to the right of your screen. Unpaid and Paid orders will then display below. 

The installments are divided according to what kind of dues they are paying: the first two are for Local Dues, the third is State Dues and the last one is for National Dues.

If they sign up for the Advance Dues Program, the orders are issued in March, June, September and December for the next year’s dues.

Payment is due by the last day of the month they are issued in.

When you click on the order you can see the line items of the bill. Any line item with a blue “Edit” beside it can be changed. 

One order is for the quarterly MLS  user fees ($45 per month = $135). The second order is for SentriLock (Key) user fees ($15 per month = $45). They can be paid together on the web portal by checking the boxes in front of each order before entering payment information.

Payment is due by the last day of the month they are issued in.

Yes. Log on to the web portal. On the home page you will see a gray box. Click on “Pay Agent Orders” and select the orders you wish to pay.